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Variax Standard Drop Tunings

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Hi all!


I am new to the Line 6 family, have recently purchased a Line 6 Helix and am loving it and its flexibility!


Now I want to move onto the Variax line of guitars, especially for the alternate tunings as I play in a cover band and we split between standard, 1/2 step, and full step down.


Whilst at home I really enjoy the heavier side of music, in particular Drop B tuning... So the question is:


Will the Variax Standard ($1400 AUD odd) be able to do this sort of tuning (Drop B) or do I need to go the Shruiken model...?


Price isn't really a major issue, as you get what you pay for in everything, its more that I didnt want the 'full metal guitar look'...


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!







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The standard can get down there. One thing to keep in mind is that, when you pitch shift that much, the feel when playing the guitar will change.


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