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HX Effects, use 2 different Volume Pedal Blocks?

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Hello all!


I was using my new HX Effects and getting deeper into my banks, I realized even though I have 2 expression pedals hooked up I was not able to add 2 different volume pedals as 2 different blocks. I like setting up stereo, splitting the the A/B into separate distortions and delays, figured each line needed a volume pedal!


I realize I was trying this from the software and not the actual unit itself to adjust the blocks, there is a bit of time yet until the software does everything I was reading. I will try from the unit itself tomorrow when back at it in the AM. 


Has anyone else noticed this by any chance? Just curious in the meantime before I get to mess with it more myself. I'd love to request this in a future programming update. 

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I don't have my HX with me so I can't test this... but are you sure? I would have expected that you could add two volume pedal blocks if you wanted. 

One Caveat.... the HX automatically sets up the initial volume block added on EXP2.... you would have to manually change the 2nd block to use EXP1.


If this is a limited behavior, you can assign the 2nd expression pedal to a gain block which would be very similar... but you may not get the volume curve you desire.


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Thank you for writing, I hadn’t thought about from the gain perspective. I guess I blocked it out because of the curve factor!


I did try again just now and saw that the software had the limitation. On the actual unit I could assign 2 different volume pedal blocks, software acts like AMPLIFi but the unit has deeper options for now.


Also, as expected you can change exp assignments, 1, 2, both on 1 or 2, etc.


I think I saw somewhere that spring 2019 is when the full features are being rolled out. 


Happy, safe, holidays to all reading!

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