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HX Stomp midi power for Midi Solutions Thru

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I am setting up a pedal board centered around the HX Stomp and a Pig Tronix Infinity looper.


I will be sending clock to the HX and Looper from an Electribe.


I also need to send pc messages from the HX to my power cab for changing speakers.


I am planning on Electribe to HX to Looper. 


The looper only has midi in and so I would not be able  to get midi back out to the Powercab.


I was thinking of putting a Midi solutions thru box after the HX midi out and send one to the looper and the other to the powercab.


Does anyone happen to have one of these Midi-Thru and an HX stomp?


If so, could you see if the HX stomp will power the midi device? 


Or maybe someone has tried to send midi power to another device from the stomp? 


I just would rather not by the midi thru to find out it does not work. 






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Yep, MIDI Solutions stuff relies on power through the MIDI cable. I don't like that, because it's using the voltage diff between the MIDI signal lines and the the MIDI ground, and stealing power from the data signal. Some setups will work with it without a hitch, but some won't. If no one chimes in who owns one and a Stomp to test it, you could check the MIDI cable pins with a volt meter coming out of the Stomp and see if its providing enough power (~ 5V). Look online to figure out which pins to check. And make sure you have a money-back guarantee if you buy the solution in case it sucks. I sent mine back because it didn't work with half of my stuff. 


If it doesn't work, I found and bought this PCB board for $15


which provides 5 outputs compared to the MIDI Solutions 2,


and ordered the parts listed in the Bill of Materials (there aren't very many of them and you can get them cheap from online electronics stores like Mouser or DigiKey). I can't remember my total cost, but it was around $35. Its a simple project, and if you know how to solder, you're good to go. If not, ask your geeky friend. You'll end up with 1 MIDI input, and the unit splits that into 5 MIDI outputs. It uses an external power supply (wall wart kind). It works flawlessly, and I've used it for years.

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Thanks for the info. I will test the voltage first and see if it is putting out the 5 volts.  I have a really small pedalbaord that I am putting the HX stomp on, so the larger 5 port midi project you sent may not have enough space under the board. But, I will look into that as a possibility, I build pedals for fun, so I can handle the iron part okay. Thanks again for the reply! 

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