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  1. How would you go about changing the midi channel from OMNI to Channel 4. I like the Midi Muppet but I see no way of changing it on that because it emulating the footswitches but I think I could use the PC changes if I could set the channel to 4 as I have quite a few midi pedals and omni just wont work. Im not arduino savy. I can build analog effect pedals all day long but I cant wrap my head around arduino. I have successfully built the Muppet for my guitar player and he loves it, so Thank you for that one. Thanks Matt
  2. Just to update. I did have the 3v version. I changed the resistors as described . All is good now. Works great. Thanks for taking the time to do this and share with everyone. Great little add on.
  3. Yes, I just checked. I did get the 3.3v. I am new to this but am enjoining the learning curve. I recently started building my own effect pedals just for fun and learning. This is a great project for learning a little more about midi. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this and share with everyone. I’m sure you have a lot of time and knowledge invested. Very kind of you. Thanks again. Matt
  4. Pin out is correct. I’m not getting 5v though. Only getting 3.28 before and after the 220R resistor.
  5. built this but I cant get it to do anything on my stomp. all the lights work as should, just doesnt change anything on the stomp. Im completely new to ardurino so Im sure it user error.
  6. Yes it’s possible to do this. I’m using the Yamaha MD-BT01 to do this on the Stomp with my IPad. Forget about using the Yamaha app to get it to connect though. Just use midimittr app instead. It connects a lot easier.
  7. Maybe look into BandHelped for show control. I know you can set delay times between PC andCC on it. It’s worth checking out the free trial if it’s still on on.
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