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  1. Hm, I am not sure about this one for two reasons: 1. In my opinion the REC/PLAY/DUB workflow is the most generic one. However, I do realize that there are loopers out there that can be configured in a REC/DUB/PLAY workflow. I just think it is less common. Take a look at the Ditto X2 looper for example. And coming from the built-in one button looper the REC/PLAY/DUB workflow is pretty much what I am used to ;-) 2. I think it is less confusing if one button controls REC/DUB and the other button controls PLAY/STOP. Putting REC and DUB on different buttons seems very confusing to me. You can overdub simply by pressing sw1 again in playback: stop --> sw1 --> record --> sw1 --> playback --> sw1 --> overdub.
  2. In order to find out which Arduino version you are using, measure the Vcc pin. This is the supply voltage of the MCU created by the onboard voltage regulator. But from what you are writing I'm pretty sure you are using the 3.3V version. Luckily MIDI works with 3.3V, so if you are using the 3.3V version you have to change the resistors for the MIDI TX line (pin 5 of MIDI plug) to 10 ohms and for the MIDI voltage reference line (pin 4 of MIDI plug) to 33 ohms. I will add that to the documentation.
  3. Double check the connection to the MIDI pins - the pin assignment can be confusing, depending on which way you look at the plug. I found https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/midi-tutorial/hardware--electronic-implementation to be a useful resource.
  4. Good info, thanks. Also, feel free to check out the Arduino Code of my Midi Muppet for the HX Stomp on Github.
  5. mattzz

    M-audio EX P setup

    Modding the M-Audio EXP pedal is super easy. I modified the M-Audio EXP pedal by desoldering the white cable (ring) and connecting it to ground. Where the white cable was before, I used a piece of wire to connect it with the red cable. So that the result looks a bit more like this (leaving out the minimum depth resistor potentiometer in the schematic): +-------------------> TIP (red) | | | | +-+ | | 10k | |<----1kR--+ | | | +-+ | (white) | | +-----------+ | | | | v GND Works like a charm.
  6. Thank you @soundog, appreciate your feedback! I made a couple of changes, the unit can now also control the looper as a 2 button controller (similar to well known 2 button loopers). In general, my assumption is that most people are interested in either switching back and forth between program up/dn and snapshot up/dn mode (plus bringing up the tuner). using the unit as FS4/FS5 while being able to use an expression pedal plugged into EXP1/2 using the unit as LOOPER controller
  7. Hi, this is a little DIY project I built: It's a small Arduino based two button MIDI foot switch for the Helix HX Stomp. It is more flexible and more powerful than the "normal" foot switches connected via TRS cable and as a bonus you can still use an expression pedal hooked up to your HX Stomp. The MIDI Muppet HX can scroll through presets (normal mode) scroll through snapshots (snapshot mode) act as FS4/FS5 (fs mode) bring up the tuner (in any mode) To cycle through modes, press and hold the right (up) switch. To toggle the tuner, press and hold the left (dn) switch. If this is something you are interested in building please check out more information at https://github.com/mattzzw/midi_muppet_hx_2btn Other ideas are integrating tap tempo, looper control, ... Feedback and ideas are welcome! Cheers, /Matthias
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