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Dimebag style delay/verb/pitch (for Helix or HX)

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Hey guys, 


As guitarists, we often go through phases.. we often go back and listen to some music that we haven't listened to in a while.. I just started listening to Pantera again (for the 55th time) and I still get blown away by Dime's unmatched playing style.  Some might argue that his tone wasn't great (I thought it suited their music just perfectly), however his use of FX is simply on point. 


I would love to know if anyone has come across or made up any delays/verbs/pitch etc that resemble his leads and solos?  Not to be album or song specific, but some of the delays and verbs on songs like Mouth For War, A New Level, Walk, I'm Broken etc etc are the standouts to me. 


If anyone has any settings/links/patches they'd like to share or sell, feel free to hit me up. 






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This isn't exactly what you're asking for but.  @thenickhill81 has a fantastic demo of a Dimebag rhythm tone where he goes in depth talking about it:



If you're really dedicated to matching his lead tone... Research the gear he used in studio: amp, cab, recording mic, etc.  There are plenty of impulse responses that you can find online (probably not free) that will replicate what Dimebag was using to create his lead tones in studio.  This will get you close to his sound.  Its a lot of work. 


Best of luck. 


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