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Variax JTV­69S extremely low Modeling output

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Hi All,

I bought a Variax JTV 69s in 2016 and used it maybe 4 times through amp only never hooked up to computer.

It sat for a long time and pulled it out charged battery and now the normal guitar functions work fine but when

I engage the tune or Modeling you could not here anything. I cranked the amp up and could faintly here the modeling

working in each mode and the tuning thumb dial faintly working also. The battery output is good and I tried 2 different

cables and same result. It lights up correctly just lame output. Any Ideas???



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Could be any number of things... you've had it for several years, with no firmware updates. You may be running an ancient version. I'd start there, see if updating gets it working. 

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After that, check for broken string ends that might be getting into the works. 


Make certain the guitar is registered in your account, get with Customer Support to have it serviced. 

Someone may have to go inside of it. 


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