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Any Idea When Workbench Hd Strat Bug Will Be Fixed?

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Just wondering if anyone has any idea when the Workbench HD Strat bug might be fixed?


I am itching to get in and play with Workbench HD but I am concerned that just by connecting up to it that it may screw up some of the v2.0 "as supplied" sounds.

Will just connecting to Workbench HD cause my JTV to lose it's STRAT pos 2 and 4 - or do I actually have to go in and load each one into Workbench and then sync with the JTV to pick up the problem?
Or can I connect up and create custom models and tweak other models without issues as long as I avoid the STRAT bank?


Thanks in advance.

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You should be alright as long as you don't try to save the Spank model back to JTV. So I'd only upload the models you want to work on rather than hit "Upload all". If you do want to mess with the Spank model, all you have to do is swap the positions of the neck and bridge pickups. I actually think that all three pickups on the Spank are identical, so if that's the case, you're not really losing anything compared to the factory model by doing that.

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