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Pod Hd Pro X Usb Recording (pro Tools) + Real Time Auto Changeovers

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Hey guys, no idea if this is a stupid question or not, but i have seen videos of people running their Axe-fx's through cubase and having cubase change the presets for them automatically on a click track sorta thing.

Now, my question is
Is it possible to do the same thing with Pro Tools and a Pod Hd Pro X?
Also is there a way to record into pro tools using a usb from the pod? Thanks

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Hi Alex,
do you mean to control the POD unit via a DAW? If that's the case the answer is yes. My band recently got endorsed by Line6 and we're working on some video tutorials we are about to put on YouTube anytime this month.

Moreover, if you would like to use your POD HD PRO X as an audio interface via USB to use it with your fave DAW, Pro Tools in this case, the answer is YES you can use it to record guitar / bass / vocal tones, as well as to connect your audio monitors and mix / master your songs.

I have been doing it for a couple of days now. The settings in the unit are a little tricky, but you can definitely work it out.

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