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Usb And Recording With An Hd500

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Hey All!


  This could potentially be a dumb question, so be easy haha. I need to record a video into my iMac computer, I am using iMovie, as well as the built in camera. The iMac is a late 2012/early2013 model with no audio input, just usb. I need to make this video with a backing track as well as guitar on top. I've tried running the track into the cd/mp3 input on the HD500. It outputs sound at the 1/4" and XLR's, but not through the usb. The guitar part I'm playing does go through. Is there a setting that will correct this? If not, any suggestions on an easy (ie; affordable)way to do this?

 I've also tried running the backing track on the computer but it appears that I can pick either the computer's audio, OR the Pod's, not both.

 And while I'm asking those who would know - can 2 separate usb sources be run into the mac to record at the same time, or would that require a usb interface with dual inputs?

  Thanks!     Phil

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If you use the POD HD, you need to connect your monitors, speaker and/or headphones directly to the POD HD.

You should be able to hear everything.


In the PC realm the POD uses ASIO protocols. With ASIO you can only have one audio device running.

(There are some exceptions).


With a Mac it uses Core Audio.

I know with Macs you may be able to have aggregated devices, but I have no first hand experience with it.

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Thanks Triryche. I can hear everything now. I use a FRFR monitor while I'm playing. The problem is getting the two sounds into the mac and onto the video. When I run a backing track through the pod, I get it, along with the live guitar, from the monitor. It seems the backing track doesn't run out of the usb with, or without, me playing guitar with it. I was wondering if there was a setting in the pod I'm missing that would correct it.

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