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  1. uuuuuuuhhhhhhh......nevermind....figured it out. Of course it hit about one minute after I hit send!
  2. Hi all! I have some Fremen presets with I.R.s, and a few other I.R.s. They show in the editor, and they load with the presets they are assigned to, into the Helix LT. When I'm working with a preset in the Helix while Not using the editor, the I.R.s don't show. Only 2 sample one ones do. How do I get the I.Rs into the Helix? (hope this isn't me just being dumb!)
  3. Never mind. Looking at other posts it seems workbench is no longet supported. Bummer.
  4. I have previously had workbench on this mac, I guess it somehow got deleted. I am trying to reinstall workbench for a Variax 600. If I try to install the latest version I get an error saying; This software requires OS X 10.5 or higher. My OS X is 10.12.4. I have monkey 1.74 installed. Not sure what to do. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks brue58ski! Gave it a shot but still have the same issue. I'm in contact with support so hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it!
  6. Hi guys! Thanks for the responses. Still have the same issue. I tried uninstalling, the reinstalling all Line 6 software. Tried a different USB cable - same thing:-(. As a side note, for quite awhile now, I've also had an issue with and error that says 'invalid data found on one or more patches. It does this even when there have been no changes to any patches. It doesn't happen 'too' much and I can live with it. The timing out error seems worse all the time though. I guess I'll try a support ticket. Thanks again for the help!!!
  7. Just now, after I read your reply I did - same thing :-(
  8. When I am trying to transfer setlist to the computer, I am getting a timed out error; '(Code 8000000a) Operation Timed Out'. It will stop after 17% or 34%... Sometimes if I try it 3-4 times it will work, other time not. Any ideas? I have an HD500. The monkey, edit, and POD all have the latest updates. I am using a mac, with the most recent updates also. Thanks!
  9. I see a couple of folks have had this kind of issue, I think mine is a bit different though. I am using an HD500. I am in one setlist moving things around. I keep getting the Invalid Data error in 2 places; 5B and 14C. I have tried moving other patches to those locations and I keep getting the same error. BTW, I am using a mac with El Capitan. Any ideas?
  10. I'm with Stumblinman- I've never had complaints about the wrong tone on whatever tune. Though I once had a sound man fall in love with me when I changed from a Marshall half stack, and a full 16 Space rack-to a POD! Im kinda new school/old school. New school-I use a POD HD500 direct into the PA. Old school- in that I look at the POD as a pedalboard with an amp. I usually stay with one or two amps depending on the gig. My "pedalboard" looks like fs1- compressor, 2-modulation 3-delay 4-reverb 5-overdrive 6-distortion 7-special fx/pitch 8-boost. I usually set the pedal to control amp volume instead of using a slot for a volume Pedal. I have a second pedal that is usually set to bring reverb and delay down some if needed. Now, if I need a bunch of different fx, I'll use another Patch but I try to keep them on the same location ie; chorus, flanger, phaser would be at fs2. Sometimes the pedal that's on the POD will switch to wah or whammy. Also, if I have two delays needed, I'll turn one off and the other on with fs3. Heres the thing guys; YOU are probably the only one that's hearing most of the differences in a lot of the tones. A good amp tone and even volumes between are patches are the things that make the biggest difference IMHO. peace
  11. I agree with the guys above. You'd be doing yourself a huge favor to dig in and find out what this unit can do. Also, you wouldn't be able to get all these effects on one preset. I can't imagine you'd ever have need for all of them at the same time. Here's what I do; first, find an amp sound you like, and use that as much as possible. The reason for this is that it's really tricky to use different amp models and have them be balanced enough when switching between, especially if (and I'm guessing here, since you're into JK) you're playing worship music, and doing that direct into the P.A. That's what I do. I have the POD set up in pedalboard mode so I can use the switches for 8 effects. I have the switches labeled in an order that when changing presets, the same type of effect is located at the same switch,ie: chorus would use the same switch as flanger (Modulation effect). I also use the pedal to control the amp volume most of the time. The benefit here is that you free up an effect block. My switches on a typical patch are set like this 1-Compressor, 2-Modulation, 3-short Delay, 4-Reverb, 5-Overdrive, 6-more Overdrive or Distortion, 7-long Delay, 8-Boost. For a clean boost I have a short 1/4" cable from the out to in at the loop, and use the FX Loop Return set at 1-4db as needed. I also have a second Expression pedal connected which I usually use to regulate how much delay or reverb is in or out. Hope this helps!
  12. Hello all! I'm trying to use custom tone to store my patches so I can either share them, and recall them. I can't figure out how to find them though. I'm naming them all using my user name, a space, followed by the patch name. I figured that way when I enter my user name all the patches would come up. Problem is, when I search, '0 tones found' comes up. I'm using an HD500, HD edit, and a mac. Where am I wrong? Thanks!
  13. I hadn't thought of importing directly into iMovie. I'll give that a shot. Thanks!!!
  14. Thanks Triryche. I can hear everything now. I use a FRFR monitor while I'm playing. The problem is getting the two sounds into the mac and onto the video. When I run a backing track through the pod, I get it, along with the live guitar, from the monitor. It seems the backing track doesn't run out of the usb with, or without, me playing guitar with it. I was wondering if there was a setting in the pod I'm missing that would correct it.
  15. Hey All! This could potentially be a dumb question, so be easy haha. I need to record a video into my iMac computer, I am using iMovie, as well as the built in camera. The iMac is a late 2012/early2013 model with no audio input, just usb. I need to make this video with a backing track as well as guitar on top. I've tried running the track into the cd/mp3 input on the HD500. It outputs sound at the 1/4" and XLR's, but not through the usb. The guitar part I'm playing does go through. Is there a setting that will correct this? If not, any suggestions on an easy (ie; affordable)way to do this? I've also tried running the backing track on the computer but it appears that I can pick either the computer's audio, OR the Pod's, not both. And while I'm asking those who would know - can 2 separate usb sources be run into the mac to record at the same time, or would that require a usb interface with dual inputs? Thanks! Phil
  16. 'sup all?! Does anyone know if replacment switches are available for the HD500? If so, where can I get them, I don't see them in the L6 store. Thanks!!!!
  17. Hey all! I've had a Flextone llXL since it came out around 2000. It's been a great amp, but being a guitar player with G.A.S., I constantly have to try the newest thing. I've had the Flex lllXL and the POD XTL. Since I started with the XTL, I've been running direct while using a powered monitor for my 'amp'. (BTW this is basically a Live use question). Anyway, I'm working with this new band. And they don't really see the benefits of running direct and lowering stage volume. I need a lot more volume. The Flextone has the power I'm sure. Enough background. I'm having an issue getting getting a good tone out of the Flextone with the HD500. I'm running into the loop return. The tones just aren't 'right' (for lack of a better word). I've tried all 5 of the the output settings and while they all sound different, none sound right. I was wondering if anyone has some tips about using this particular setup. I'm thinking the best shot would be with the combo front setting, but how to set the eq is an issue I'm not getting. And concerning that, there's been talk on the boards over the years about the pod's not having global eqs. It seems to me if you could get a good sound out of the the combo, or stack front settings, you'd have somewhat of a global eq right there. Any help will more than greatly appreciated! peace
  18. I always say the same thing when I have these discussions; The only person who is hearing any difference is you. And even at that, in a band mix you won't hear any real difference. As long as your sound inspires you to play, that's all you need. I have played through a few different rigs both analog and modeling, and for me, modeling is the way to go. Way way less hassles. Less weight. Less setup/tear down. Less maintenance.... I have been playing since I was 10. I'm 52. I still gig regularly. The days of dragging a Marshall half stack that has to be cranked (to get any kind of decent tone) are long gone. When I first got a Boss GT-3 around 1999 to replace the Marshall and 16 space rack (which was loaded), the one comment I remember was from the sound guy who said;" wow your tone is so much better without all the noise, and cranked volume. If the sound guy likes it, its usually a good sign.
  19. Do any of you guys change any of the settings in the looper- the levels or eq? If so, how is it helping (or hurting - haha)! Thanks!
  20. I'll start! I posted this right before the old forums closed I guess. Anyway, i'm a long time POD user who couldn't take windows anymore (for many reasons, mostly Not Line 6 related). I now have a Mac. I can't get the computer to see the POD HD 500. When I go to the monkey, it says I need an update. When I update, all seems to go ok right to the end, but the computer still doesn't see the POD. It also still say I need to update in the monkey. I've tried everything (that a person with limited computer understanding) I can think of. Tyryche had replied and asked if I tried installing the update ouitside of the monkey. I'm not really sure what that means. help?
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