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Helix LT with FRFR for live performance

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I recently purchased a Headrush FRFR112 to use live with my Helix LT. I want to use the FRFR112 for stage volume, and the way I used it this weekend was: XLR-out from Helix to XLR-in on the FRFR112, then XLR-out of FRFR112 to FOH. My dilemma is that once my level is set in sound check, if I need to tweak the volume on either the Helix or the FRFR112, it messes up the mix.


What's the best way to route everything so that I control my own stage volume without affecting FOH? Do I route one Helix output to the FRFR112, and the other to FOH? How are all of you doing this?

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I use a Friedman ASM12 for live use. I find an easy way to get round this is to run two jack to XLR cables from the 1/4 inch outputs to the FOH, you can set the signal to be either line of instrument in the global settings. I can then run one of the XLR outputs to the Friedman and control the stage volume using it's control. I guess if the Headrush doesn't have an independent volume control you could always split the signal on the Helix and control the output of each that way but I've never tried it. It works just as well if you have a Variax too, which kinda makes it a dreamrig  ;-)

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