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  1. dbudday

    Preset Balancing

    I've searched through Ideascale, but nothing specifically like what I am proposing is there... it all applies to blocks and cabs and turning them off or implementing an amp change throughout presets. I'm proposing a GLOBAL volume adjustment that would balance the output of all presets regardless of amp, cab, IR, etc...
  2. dbudday

    Preset Balancing

    Someone was asking a question about levels of presets on the Facebook group and the more I thought about it - I think it could be a great option to include in the future. I was thinking that there could be an option for balancing the volume or output level of your presets...so that they are the same average volume... or so that the 50% volume of each preset is the same and scaled from there. Maybe have a checkbox to make one preset the "master" and balance all other presets to it...or be able to select only certain presets to "balance". You could also add the option to protect or omit certain presets from the balancing process...or only balance presets within a certain folder. There is a lot to think about - but it would be great to be able to do this and have a tweakable filter for deciding how to apply it...almost like the checkboxes on a shopping site to narrow down choices. How about having it as an option you can toggle off or on like the Global EQ? I'll even offer to help flowchart it and do some of the programming...LOL
  3. I was told by Line 6 that you "could" use an XLR cable - and it won't hurt the Helix or PC - but it won't get optimal performance and could lose signal if it's a longer cable. A 110 Ohm AES cable is exactly the same thing as a L6 Link - and to take it a step further - a DMX cable is the same as an AES cable - but has 5 pin holes instead...you could use a DMX cable in a pinch or to safe a couple of dollars...they're the same - but the DMX has the 2 extra pin holes that won't be used.
  4. I know that reverb comes after the speaker in a studio setting - but it's always before the speaker in a live setting when using an amp... You could use an f/x loop with an amp to have it be after the amp - but it still needs to come before the speaker. You might be overthinking things...LOL
  5. You can also send the XLR (mono or stereo) to FOH then use 1/4" to go to the Headrush... Then set the volume knob to just control the 1/4" in global settings - that way your signal to FOH is full while you can control your onstage volume with the big knob.
  6. I know it's late to the game - but after reading - here is what I have been doing. I have my Helix paired with an AudioBox as an aggregate device - so I can access all the inputs at once. - now I have inputs 1-10. When I record into Logic - I select the track I want for the channel - no 1/2 or 3/4 but the single Helix channel I want (Helix is 3-10 in the aggregate - AudioBox is 1-2) Basically - on the Helix - you need to click the output block at the end and tell it where to send the signal. If you're getting them in the DAW as 1/2, 3/4, etc...then use them as they are grouped - eg. guitar to 1/2, vocals to 3/4...otherwise if they are single channels (1,2,3,4,etc...) just send each to their own channel. Then in the DAW you need to select that input for each appropriate channel. It's not as hard as it sounds and actually becomes second nature after a little while - just pay attention to what is going where.
  7. I was wondering if they might add a 'notes' section to each patch - something that would open in HX edit. Maybe add a 2nd line or sub line under the title? I like to build setlist for different songs and modify other patches - it would be nice to be able to track which original patch I used/modified when I rename it for particular songs...
  8. If it's covered by the factory warranty and considered new by the merchant - I didn't see the point in the whole post... Hope you have fun learning!
  9. Would it be possible to add a notes section to each patch either in the editor or on the unit?
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