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Old battery? Or how long does a charge last

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I got my variax 69’ used and I normally use it in my estudio. I charge the battery and use the guitar for a bit and then take out the 1/4 cable and leave the guitar out for a week or so. Then when I use it again there is no power in the battery again.


my question is:


does the battery really drain this quickly or maybe I have an old battery that doesn’t hold charge for long?





i see the prices for battery replacements a bit high at Sweetwater (60$) But I see some eBay sellers selling a replacement for a bout $26. Is this correct and good alternative ?


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Sounds like your battery is toast. Yes, they're kind of expensive, but I thought the price was normally around $49 -- $60 doesn't sound right. (I just looked at Sweetwater, and it's showing $49.99.)


Be VERY wary of buying something billed as a replacement for the Variax battery. There are some advertised on Amazon, but the reviews say 'No go' with the Variax. Some camcorder batteries have a compatible form factor - meaning that they'll fit in the instrument - but there is something internal to the ones sold by Line 6 that lets the guitar know that it's seeing 'the real thing'...


If you search the forum, you'll find some other threads that discuss this....

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Leaving it in the guitar unplugged will take about a week to trickle away and run down even with nothing turned on.

If you leave batteries in a flashlight for a long time, they too will trickle down over time. It's not a perfect brick-wall shunt.


Use only the "real" specified 98-034-0003 batteries, no cheap substitutes or video cam substitutes, they are nothing

but trouble. Internal current controls in the battery, battery box, the charger and the Variax processor board are matched

to function optimally with one another.


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