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  1. Make sure that you are not hearing the acoustic sound of your Variax's strings [standard tuning] conflicting with the alt-tuned model....adjust your amp or headphone levels accordingly
  2. I would suggest skipping the batteries, and getting a Line6 XPS-AB.... I lasted a couple of days grappling with that waste of time
  3. Specracer986....hello, having trouble finding 9.5 - ? D'Addario strings that you mentioned...which type/package of this brand do you use? - thanks!
  4. Try cleaning all the piezos with alcohol/cotton swab...if that doesn't fix it, you may need a new piezo
  5. Your best fix is to get a powered footswitch from Line 6. batteries are such a waste of time
  6. Not sure about pricing....I tried both, and went for a JTV. the standard had a flat fretboard that was ok for chording, but was impossible to bend strings for soloing...the JTV69 is better IMHO plus the 5 way Stat pickup selector is more convenient for switching between models, than the JTV59
  7. NO......but you can mix pickups. You can't have 6 and 12 strings on the same guitar model. You can mix the magnetic pickup jtv with whatever guitar model you have dialled up, in the software by adjusting a slider balance control.
  8. Hi there....can't guarantee that this will help, but it's worth a try....clean the piezo pickups in the bridge with a q-tip and some alcohol....plus I had similar issues with the Rick 12 string models and others...I plugged into my new Vox MV50 amp, and now the Rick model sounds perfect, and I now like all the models, not sure why....
  9. HI….you could skip all the hassle, and buy a power kit…I got fed up with my battery nonsense after a couple of days, and am glad I did…Happy Holdays
  10. Hi there….Do yourself a favour, & get an XPS-A/B Power Kit from Line 6… My patience with the battery ran out after a couple of days
  11. It helps to turn your pick so you are pinching the string with the edge of the pick, also try pinching at different positions up & down the string to create varying harmonic notes to jump out...
  12. You may need to adjust the trussrod if there is too much relief in the neck...
  13. Howdy….I'm only using the cable for data transmission to and from my Variax to Workbench HD, and it is every bit as solid in the jack as the supplied cable was.
  14. Hi Silverhead….thanks for the heads up….I am using Staples brand CAT5e Networking cable, which has a similar housing to the Line6 cable, only it's made of rubber…I just tested both in the guitar, and the Staples cable appears to be just as stable as the Line6…thanks for your help
  15. PROBLEMS SOLVED!... My VDI cable is faultry…replaced it with an Ethernet cable with the same exact specs, which should be OK to use from now on…it's gonna hafta be, because the old one is well, faulty….I was able to update my Variax Firmware also, which gets me into Workbench HD……..FINALLY….I haven't had to jump through so many hoops to get a product up & running as I have with this product…just sayin'…..Anyway, A BIG THANKS to everyone in this forum for your help!
  16. According to Line6 Monkey, all my firmare /devices are up to date….my Variax is on, with charged battery installed, guitar functions through amp…according to Workbench HD, it recognizes a usb connection, but says ESN - None…. Monkey has no mention of Variax being connected or wether Variax needs an update….Could it be the VDI Cable?
  17. Thanks simontuck & charliewatt for clarifying
  18. snhirsch….is it the outer or center pin that is positive? you told me that the center pin is positive…thanks
  19. Thanks for the specs on the power supply….much appreciated!
  20. Can someone give me the Specs on the Variax Battery Charger's power supply, so I can search for a compatible alternate ps?…thanks
  21. I know that the guitar was made in Dec. 2015…the usb interface is black plastic, & sez 'Variax In' on the input…not sure how to test it…when plugged in to my Mac Mini a green light is on & a red light blinks…If I don't get the power supply from Line6 soon, I will go shopping for a compatible replacement wallwart…thanks for your help...
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