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34 minutes ago, kkaazzaakk2 said:

Hello! will there be power amp emulation in helix? I want to combine different preamps with different power amplifiers, or with an external preamp.



The short answer is "nobody knows". But people have been asking for that  since the POD HD days... so I wouldn't bet the farm on it if I were you. Even if it is in the pipeline, those who know are never going to tell you anyway.


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49 minutes ago, kkaazzaakk2 said:

Hello! will there be power amp emulation in helix? I want to combine different preamps with different power amplifiers, or with an external preamp.



Go here:


Do a search for "poweramp" and/or "power amp". Vote for as many as you like!


As cruisinon2 said, nobody knows. and nobody from L6 would tell if they did!

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I doubt it.

And there are good reasons for it.

If you were to look at all the valve amps out there (and the emulations of them), you would find we already have amps that have any of the possible preamp designs paired with any of the likely power amps.  There are only a few valve types and they have a limited number of classic configurations.  A lot of boutique amps are simply a Marshall or Fender or Vox with extra attention to build and components - yes, some have added or modified circuitry to deal with a particular issue or offer more versatility.  That might be a bit more midrange for example, or another gain stage. Then there are amps where you have channels (different preamps essentially) to offer the best of a few worlds - but that's only so you can essentially get a Fender and a Marshall in one box.  That's what you already have in a Helix.

So amp designers already offer all the possibilities out there in things wearing brands like Boogie or Two Rock.

Secondly, a lot of people are still trying to put their live rig into the virtual world - literally.  The reason you would place your delay into your effects loop is that you want to keep the delay as clean as possible, so if you have one amp on stage, the best option is the effects send (after an overdriven preamp but before the power amp, which is hopefully not too overdriven).

This is seen by most as a compromise.  In the studio this is almost never done - because the quality of your delay (or other post effect) can be improved and say spread in stereo if it's applied to the mic'd sound.  Again, you can do this in the Helix.  Do you gain anything putting it in the loop?  I'd argue no.  You will run it through your power amp and speakers, but that will only reduce your tops (EQ) and potentially distort it.  You will notice the ability to EQ and degrade the delay is in a number of the delay modules. Typically making the delay "darker" is common practice.

So who will really gain from separate pre-amps and power amps?  Tweakers who don't know the combination they are making already exists in a particular amp.

I know some of you will disagree, but that's how I see it.  In the desire for the "amp in the room" maybe some of you feel you don't have the ability to duplicate your rig - maybe that's true, but I'm sceptical that this is part or the issue.

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Helix is the world's best amp and effects modeler.

Helix is NOT a profiler. That's called a Kemper Profiling Amp.

Helix has a barebones looper. If you need a full-featured looper, that's called a BOSS Loop Station.

Helix is not a custom amp designer. That's called BIAS AMP.


BUT...BUT....Why can't Helix be a Profiling amp/full-featured looper/custom amp designer?


Because then it couldn't be the world's best modeler! Well, maybe if it cost $10,000! (imagine the update nightmare!)


Horses for courses. Once upon a time, DENTISTS were called BARBERS. I wonder why that changed?

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