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Mk2 locks up on FX settings

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I have posted this as a reply in a previous thread, but it's probably a bit lost so thought it worthy of a thread.


I've just taken delivery of a brand new Mk1 V 60w, and after a quick play with the default settings, I did the v2 update with no problems.


Now however, I can't touch the knobs when on FX setting at all or it all locks up. I can change everything else  - scroll through presets, change 'amp' settings on the knobs, adjust volume etc - but when on FX if I try to turn a knob it initially displays the setting value and then that's it. Nothing can be changed, even volume or amp presets - it carries on working so you can continue to play, but you're locked forever in that setting at that volume until you switch off/on at the back.


FWIW, although I only had a quick play with the v1 firmware, it definitely didn't do this and it worked fine! Also of note, with my iPhone plugged in I can make adjustments fine through that, and save/edit etc, so I have been able to play with the FX, just can't via the amp directly.


I've tried a factory reset from the Home menu as suggested in the other thread, but makes no difference. Have raised a ticket with Line 6 support.


There was one other person who mentioned this deep within another thread, but I haven't seen anybody else mention it. Is everyone else working ok with v2 on a v1 amp?

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Good news!


I tried reinstalling v1.05 and then installing v2.0.0 again and all is well :)


So, nothing to see here, move along please.

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