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No Sound!


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Hi - 

part 1.  A few weeks ago, After helix updated to 2.81 for several days-  use it all the time. very happy.

tried with my dt25 via line 6link today for first time and sounded great


about 1/2 hour into it, suddenly no sound on helix... didn't change anything, wasn't connected to computer, didn't notice any issues or anything.

same guitar and cable work fine straight into an amp.  Helix tuner does not register any signal either

sound came back approx. 1/2 hour later... I assumed user error somehow.


part 2.  worked very reliably... (as usual)  - I use it hours pretty much every day......

about 3 weeks later (today).... sitting and playing (not connected to anything via usb, not connected to anything via line 6 link, just guitar, 1/4 cable and xlr from helix to mixer).


didn't move, didn't change a patch or anything and no sound.

guitar/ cable/ xlr all work fine going to mixer without helix. tried many patches, including factory) -nothing.

Tuner not registering any signal from guitar in or aux in.


I ran 

  • Erase and restore/reset all factory and user presets: Hold footswitches 10 + 11.
  • still no sound

Any ideas?  is there a better way to completely re-set all firmware and start from beginning?  

Have submitted ticket, but of course, it's the holiday and I won't be in front of helix during business hours tomorrow.


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29 minutes ago, scottwilliams said:

Any ideas?  is there a better way to completely re-set all firmware and start from beginning?  


Hi Scott,


You really do have something odd going on there and at this precise moment I don’t know what to suggest.


Anyhow - Reset options - here ya go. Note Footswitches 5&6 Global Reset or Safe Boot 6&12 may be the way to go.


Reset Options

 Helix Floor/LT

Button Combination Description
2 LED light Fun
3 & 4 Test Mode
5 & 6 Global reset
7 & 8 Reset setlists to factory, Keep IRs
8 & 9 Reset setlists to factory, Clear IRs
9 & 10 Reset setlists to factory, Global reset, Clear IRs
10 & 11 Upgrades existing presets to latest format
11 & 12 Clear current preset
5 & 12 Clear setlists, clear IRs, Return system settings to default
6 & 12 Safe boot mode

To use Reset Options:

  • Power off the Helix
  • Hold the desired button combination
  • Power on the Helix
  • Release the button combination

 Please note: Buttons are numbered from top left to bottom right.

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thank you... I did try re-installing 2.8.1 update.... at first, no change... I decided to call it quits for the night and turned it off.  so 'bout 1/2 hour later, turned it back on and it was working!  Unfortunately, after about 5 minutes of playing it kind of sputtered a few times and tried to stay on, but then died again  :(     


Thankfully, i purchased the add'l. coverage, so fairly confident Line 6 will sort it out quickly.



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