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Helix Native noise in hi-gain sounds

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I'm in doubt of buying Helix Native. I used the trial version for a week now and I love the sounds. I only just can't seem to get rid of a high noise level in hi-gain sounds.

I already searched this forum and watched youtube video's for help on this topic.


I have made a recording with a comparisation of my Helix Floor board and the Native plug-in.

I made sure that the settings in both Native and Helix Floor are the same.

In the recording I used the signal:

input > Scream 808 > Archetype Lead


The recording is made in Cubase, via a Steinberg CI2 with Hi-Z and real low input gain. In Helix Native the input meter stays under -12 dB.

In the recording you hear:

0:00 - 0:17 > Helix Native

0:18 - 0:34 > Helix Floor

0:34 - 0:35 > Helix Native background noise without playing

0:36 - 0:37 > Helix Floor background noise without playing


I'm might still do something wrong, it doesn't seem normal Helix Native gives so much background noise compared to the Floorboard.


I still have 6 days of Trial version left. Hopefully any of you guys can help me with the noise-problem so I get convinced in buying a copy of Native.

Test Native vs Helix Floor.mp3

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Any noise at all in your signal path/chain will be amplified with a hi-gain sorta preset like this. There may be something introducing a little noise into your signal path between your guitar and your DAW, which then gets amplified.  I don't believe Native would introduce the noise by itself. For examples, consider the gain on your audio interface (make sure no peaks above -3 dB), the gain setting in Native  (make sure no peaks above -3 dB), noise from your interface, USB, and/or computer system, pickup/cable noise picking up electromagnetic voodoo from you computer system and monitor, power supply if you're using a laptop, any other plugins on the channel, etc, etc, etc, etc.


With Helix Floor, of course, the only place you might introduce signal noise is via your guitar. pickups and cable. Lots less places for noise to happen!


For a test, try replacing Native with a high gain plug-in. Crank it and see if you hear any noise in the "silent" signal. See if you can isolate a noise source outside of Native.

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Thank you soundog for your reply.


It must be my audio-interface. The problem also accurs with other distortion/guitar-amp plugins.

I've decded to not buy Native at this moment but first use a workarond with a separate hardware-amp-modeler, so I don't have amplify the (bad) inputsignal from my audio interface.

Maybe when I have some budget I'll invest in Native + a new audio-interface.


Thanks again for the reply!

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