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Is it possible to NOT force Variax Model?


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So I just checked this out and you are correct. That is definitely a bug. I use a Variax but I never use the don't force option. Bottom line is the Helix itself DOES NOT have a Don't Force option BUT the HX Edit program DOES!! When I select the Don't Force option in HX Edit, the Helix unit stays on the last selection before the Don't Force option. That would be Custom 1-5. So you are right.

When I select the Don't Force option in HX Edit it does work but the Helix indicates the last model I used. So for now the option is there but only in HX edit and there is no way that I can see to tell if it is in the Don't Force option from the Helix's screen. I see no way to select this option from the Helix itself. This actually kind of leads to a slight beef I have with the Don't Force option as far as the Tone and Volume knobs go.

I wish the Don't Force option would be at the end and not at the beginning. The way it is now i have to turn my Volume/Tone knob option in the Helix all the way down to get to the Don't Force option which means, for example, when I select it for the Volume knob, the Vaiax is turned all the way down and I have to move my Volume knob to get it back up again. One thing for sure is, the one place I've NEVER wanted the Volume or Tone knobs to be when I select Don't Force is all the way down. A very small thing, easily worked around but it does bug me a bit. I'm going to put this in the Bug thread.

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