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HX STOMP knobs

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Hi everybody

I lost one of the knobs from my HX stomp, and another one is repeatedly coming off.. do you know where I can find some good replacement knobs? I'm thinking about replacing them all, as they are starting to come offend I don't want to lose another one..



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this will be hard to come by OEM. try Support, but I doubt they'll be able to help (unless youre still under warranty?) This shouldn't happen and a replacement might be an easy 'get'. try to contact one of the Stomp development/online guys to take mercy on you in sourcing a part/pointing you in the right direction. 


if not under warrnty or you just want a different knob to dress your HXS:

  • measure exact knob dimensions
  • google (image search) aluminum knobs to locate possible sources

also search sites like; digikey, mouser, markertek, DIY pedal/stomp box sites, finally; ebay, amazon


good luck

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I am pretty sure the Helix and the HX Stomp use the same encoder knobs. Might want to double check with Line 6 before ordering.... 



If you want a 3rd party knob with a set screw... measure the shaft width and buy any knob that will fit. 1/4" shaft is common, but I'm not 100% sure that is correct in this case. 


I have seen reports that these knobs are secured with a small dab of adhesive. If they are coming off easily... I would assume the adhesive has let go. If you go to take one off and it is being difficult, be careful. You don't want to damage the encoder itself. 

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