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Another Bias Question


according to this http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/75238




multimeter to DCV 200m


AB mode and you should get a reading close to 25.0. If it's off, turn the adjustment screw with a small screwdriver until it is at 25 +- 3




Like one guy in previous post I'd like to try JJ el844 who have 25% less power cause my DT25 is still very loud.


Should I bias -25% (18.75) like I read on other amp site or I stay at 25?



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Take care as EL844 may not cathode bias correctly in Class A mode. As I recall it may require a resistor swap in that case.

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Use the specified valves from EH. That's what these amps are designed for.

These amps are not like the all analog amps of the 1960's and 70's. They are

not forgiving of modifications, or even of valves.


The difference in the characteristic curve between valve brands can cause problems.

This is not an all analog amp, the digital and analog sections have expectations of

one another. Mess with that and problems occur.


Use the specified EH valves.


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