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DT25 + HD400 mono/ stereo output with L6 link

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thank you very much jakeman19, sorry for late reply.

so full stereo delay means 2x DT heads... right?

just two more questions about L6 link scenario:

  1. I have to switch the amp model menu on preamp (rather than full), do I? 
  2. which Output Mode - Live Options do I have to chose (studio direct, combo/ stack front or combo/ stack power amp)?  


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Yes, you won’t get stereo unless you use two amps.


1. When using a DT you are using the power amp in the DT so you can use preamp models from the pod. However, use your ears and just use what sounds good to you.


2. I tend to use combo/stack power amp (emulating going in the fx loop) but again, see what sounds best to you.


3. Have fun!

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