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Volume pedal - changing directions


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Hello Everyone,


I'm really enjoying my Helix again after a little lay off, but you forget things when you haven't used the unit for a while. I know this will be a doddle for you guys but easier to just ask the question really.

I want to use the expression pedal in a couple of my patches, as a volume pedal on EXP1 and Wah pedal on EXP 2 - but I want the the volume pedal to be in the down position and on 75% volume, and at 100% volume when the pedal is fully up, so I can always start playing a patch in the down position but increase volume a bit by rocking the pedal backwards a touch.


I tried to do this yesterday but couldn't get it to work, seems like the pedal wants to work the other way around with volume 100% in the down position and 0% in the up position.

Can someone give me a step by step instruction how to add the pedal to the patch, and sort the direction of the volume parameters please? I'm assuming you have to add a volume block to the patch?

I've completely forgotten how to do this - in fact i probably never learned to do it right to begin with but need to now!



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Re: changing directions. The MIN value corresponds to the pedal being in the heel position, and the MAX value corresponds to toe position. But your MIN value can be greater than your MAX value. In other words you can set the MAX value to 0 (or whatever) and the MIN value higher and the pedal will operate in the 'other' direction.

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