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Pod Hd On The Web Site?


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Is there a glitch with the Line6 web site?  I can't seem to find the Pod HD anymore, and I was looking at it earlier.  The only pods it lists now is the POD HD500X and POD HD Pro X.  Is Pod HD legacy now (doesn't show up there either).


EDIT: I'm speaking specifically of the Pod HD Desktop

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The first signs of the Yamaha ownership?


I would be surprised if they would drop the desktop version so maybe an "X" version is on the way...

Would be my luck as I just bought my POD HD Desktop friday.  ;-)  Maybe that's also why price dropped from $399 to $199 on Amazon.  Hrm.  Mebbe I should return it. 


They are all there.  Go up to the top of this:

They are listed on that page, but try clicking on the link for the POD HD Desktop.  It takes you to a page listing on the the Pod HD 500X, etc.  No sign of POD HD.


If you go to that page and click on one of the POD HD (not X) links you go to a global page that never mention the other PODs...

As Arthur Fonzarelli once said, "exactamundo!"

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