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  1. The first signs of the Yamaha ownership? I would be surprised if they would drop the desktop version so maybe an "X" version is on the way...
  2. I'm hoping for some Variax technology in one or more of Yamaha's guitars. :)
  3. I have open a ticket and I also think I have figured out what username I had on the old account, so at least I can tell them that. :) Thanks for your help.
  4. The thing is this, I don't have any information on my current account that I have bought these packs, I bought them under another username, but I don't remember what username or password or anything and I have changed my email adress a few times since that also, so I can't retrieve any info from that. I have registered my PODxt on my new account today also, which is a year or two old by now, and I expected the registration to not accept it because I think I did register the Xt under my first username, but the registration went successfully so probably I didn't register the Xt on my old account. Now, sometimes when I start my Xt, the model packs load as they did before, but sometimes they seem to be "disabled" because I'm not getting much sound out of them, it seems mostly to be the direct line signal that passes through them. Also, sometimes when I start the Xt it shows a sign that goes something like "Standard Model Set Loaded" on the display. These things seem to happen only when I have my USB cable inserted to the unit. Maybe I should just get a support ticket and ask Line 6 to drop the pending deauthorization?
  5. Ok, so I just authorized my ten year old PODxt, just to see what it did, and then I tried to deauthorize it. Now, the License Manager asks me to remove my purchased model packs before deauthorizing. These packs were bought many years ago just when they came out and installed to my unit. Will these model packs be removed from my unit, which leaves me to rebuy them again? Thx Tony
  6. The X3 (and XT which I own) captures the whole recording chain much better than the 2.0 does, in my opinion. I always thought the 2.0 sounded plastic and boring and didn't have the upper detail I wanted. Newer algorithms don't always retain the sound from the previous algorithms. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not, it's a matter of taste in the end. Maybe you should check out the POD HD version, it might do it for you. It's good but I still actually prefer the XT over the HD...but that's me.
  7. :D My fault for not being clear. I do know that it's supposed to do that technically, but what I actually wondered was, if the X3 did that. I own the Xt and that one doesn't do that. Thanks for the answer, now I know the X3 don't do that either.
  8. Not to be nitpicking, but shouldn't that affect the tone if it simulates the power amp?
  9. I have own Line 6 gear since 97-98. I didn't care so much about the Original POD, I thought it sounded plastic and the software felt sluggish. There were alternatives among the competition that sounded and felt way better. With the Xt, however, they really got a lot of things right in my opinion. I've had it for about 10 years now, it's fully upgraded and it just delivers it for me. :) Almost 2 years ago I bought the POD HD, and sure, there are some really nice sounds you can get with it, but it just doesn't do it for me, it sounds kinda boring and flat a lot of the time. It just isn't inspiring. I never got around trying the X3 version, which is a shame since they are now out of production, but I've heard some really nice demos of it. Not surprisingly it sounds very much like the Xt, and I've always believed that they were excactly the same when it came to the modelling. Are they the same or are there any differences regarding the modelling? I agree, Line 6 should not have discontinued the Xt or the X3 versions, they had a couple of really good-sounding units there. If they can bring back the boring POD 2.0, there should be no problem bringing back these two...ehum. :) I'd buy one of each instantly. Until that, I'll hope that the one I have dont brake, and that I can find some nice used units out there.
  10. Tony-N

    Hiwatt Fizz?

    Yeah, I have that same weird sound too on the Hiwatt. It actually sounds like digital distorsion, like something just gets overloaded. Too bad since that is one of my favourite amps. Don't hear it on the Xt though.
  11. Here is my list, and I guess these suggestions are for the desktop version, if it ever comes: For someone like me, that never run dual amps or many effects, they could have made new, more detailed algorithms that could take advantage of that extra DSP power, they could even call them Super HD. ;) It would be up to the user to use either the HD or Super HD versions. Why aren't there on/off axis versions of every recording mic? Fix the modelling on the SM57's, they actually sound better on the XT. Did they make the same mistake as Avid and modelled a vintage mic? Add an Orange amp with a corresponding cab! :) Why not an SVT bass amp too? A decent acoustic guitar simulation that we could throw way back in the mix. No, I'm not gonna buy a Variax. ;) Add another Tweak control button, that Tweak control is a great feature. Even though the black color is nice, nothing says Line 6 Bean as that deep, red color. :)
  12. Have this option on my Eleven Rack and I too prefer digits over graphical display, so it would be a nice feature to add in a future update.
  13. Wow, is this "phenomenon" still apparent in the modelling? A few years ago I borrowed a Variax from a store and tried it at home (this was the first version of the Variax). Many of the models sounded great in my ears, especially the Strat became my favourite. The reasons I didn't buy the guitar was it felt low-budget to play on and that some of the models had this weird sound on the string when muting the low E. I thought that by now this problem would have been eliminated. Too bad, I was actually starting to think about getting one now since the introduction of James Tyler. Now, this has made me to really hesitate.
  14. It would be nice to have an Orange amp model with accompanying cab and also on/off axis versions of all the mics, not just the SM57's. I wouldn't say no to an additional bass amp either, although I am very happy with the Ampeg they added to the 2.0 version of the firmware.
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