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HX Edit (2.82) & Helix Marketplace IR's


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Hello fellow Helix users & Line 6. My copy of HX Edit (2.82) is showing some unusual behaviour.

While scrolling through and reviewing my patches and setlists to see if any new weirdness has cropped up, I found five completely blank presets that have Helix Marketplace IR icons present (Gold picks showing to the right of a preset). See included screenshot.

Funny thing is, I have not even visited the Helix Marketplace web site. I have not purchased any IR's from Line 6 yet.

The five patches are completely empty. No blocks, no IR's as shown in the included image.

Hopefully, this is more information for L6 to further troubleshoot HX Edit and get it running smoothly.

I have had other issues with HX Edit such as setlists getting jumbled up, and patches being corrupted after being put back onto the Helix after an update. As such, I am just staying away from HX Edit as much as possible right now.


HX Edit Marketplace IRs?.png

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I've been using HX Edit 2.82 for quite a long time now and haven't really had any issues, so I don't think there's really any reason to avoid it. Don't take this the wrong way, but are you positive you're running HX Edit 2.82? The version number on the bottom of the screen refers to the hardware firmware version, not the software version. You to look at Help>About to see that.


Did you do a factory reset after installing your firmware update? And when you talk about bringing patches in, did you restore from a backup or did you import individual patches/setlists?

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I am running HX Edit version 2.82. Factory reset - yes. Initially, I restored from Back up. But due to the errors, I experimented with bringing in individual set lists and patches.

I have successfully imported the individual patches I need and will leave it at that until L6 fixes the issues with setlist and patch corruption.

It is my hope that I can get my actual full set lists back on-board the Helix once a new update is available.

Also, I've never had issues with the update process on any versions.

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