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Helix Hiss in front of Amp


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Just bought my LT and mus say what a great piece of equipment. But I do have one big problem that I cant seem to solve. 

If i connect my 1/4 jack output to my Fender Hot Rod i get a quite audible amount of hiss. Plug my guitar directly into the Amp

im fine. Also have the volume on the LT turned down. So this hiss comes directly through the connection. Am I doing something 

wrong here ? And yes its not the cable, that works fine ....

thanks for any help


Actually got it solved...... was the USB connecter, but why ? 

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15 hours ago, aaronlyon said:

"have the volume on the LT turned down" -- this is part of the problem. You want your LT volume turned up high--not high enough to distort, but as high as possible so your signal to noise (hiss) ratio is best.



That's good advice but he did say the noise went away when he unplugged the USB cable so I don't think this will address his particular issue.

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