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  1. Awesome. That sounds killer!
  2. You might also have an issue with multiple grounds. I had a similar problem and used a ground lift box to isolate the connection with multiple amplifiers.
  3. I think the LT is the perfect option for you. The way you describe things is that you probably don't need the full power of the main Helix system and the LT give you a full pedal board experience with a lower price point. You could probably use the HX-Stomp system for what you describe but would likely miss having access to the various stomp boxes. My typical rig has 3 OD's, 1 Modulation, 1/4-Tape-delay, dot1/8-Digi-delay, 1/8-Analog-delay, Big Verb all on button access. This allows for most songs on a single patch.
  4. Jason Sadites has some great tutorials on the Helix for various artist sounds. His insights have been a great help to me. It showed how much the Helix can do with the stock cabs and mics.
  5. I found myself in the same situation as others in this thread when the volume pedal on my Helix LT stopped working. The metal brace had sheared off inside where the pedal pivots. My board was outside of the standard warranty but Line6 came through for me and got me a replacement system. Hats off to their support team as I did not expect such excellent customer service. This was hands-down the best product support I have ever received. EXCELLENT JOB LINE6 SUPPORT!!!
  6. I guess it depends on how loud you play with the band. I play in churches and found that I often have to bring my own gear. My Helix runs through a pair of M-Audio BX5 studio monitors and sounds good. I've brought one of these in with me and have used it in place of the on-stage monitor and have had plenty of sound. It also has the same tone/frequency that I'm used to hearing at home too. I was surprised at the sound I get from a small monitor.
  7. I would start out with a cheaper floor unit like a used Line6 HD500x for your testing. You can pick them up used for about 1/4 to 1/3 of the price of the Helix. After you get get a good bit of use out of that then look at upgrading to the next model or keep it if you are happy.
  8. I love the Helix versatility and the sounds I am getting. I noticed a couple of times and was able to identify an issue when I was playing. There is a strange situation I run into when playing a full chord and then picking individual strings. The full chord rings out and then my arpeggio picking on individual strings is lost. If I mute the guitar and then pick the arpeggio, the individual strings really ring out nice loud and full. My active signal chain is something like: Volume Pedal >> Red Squeeze >> Timmy >> Vox AC30 Top Boost >> next line >> Tape Delay 1/4 notes >> Hall Reverb >> EQ (low/hi cuts) >> LA Studio Compressor Anyone run into a similar issue? Is this a function of my initial compressor catching in and holding down my signal or is there a proccessing overload? I've noticed it a little bit before but it never really registered. Last night the circumstance was more noticeable.
  9. My Helix rocks and I've purchased a couple of IR packages and think that Line 6 has a great opportunity for a feature enhancement in that area. This could continue to push the product into the future. Add your voice if you would use this type of feature. Stock Cabs = Excellent functionality via the Gui It is is great to pick a stock cab and to be able to adjust the Mic, the Distance, the Low Cut / High Cut and reflections. It is really easy to adjust and get the proper tone quickly. Impulse Response = Great Sound, but difficult to use The improvement that I would love to see is this - Create a naming convention for IR's that allow us to name the MIC, set the distance and assign a dB level. Then allow multiple Cabs to be imported and support the same type of wizard that the stock cabs use. Template: IrNameHere_MicNameHere_DistanceHere.wav Example: LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_SM7b_1.wav LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_SM7b_2.wav LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_SM7b_3.wav LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_PR30_1.wav LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_PR30_2.wav LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_PG48_3.wav LiveReadySound-2x12-A-Type_PG48_2.wav We could import the full list of IR's into the Helix and the gui would recognize the type of Speaker and allow for the same controls that the Stock Cabinets use to quickly adjust the type of MIC and the MIC distance.
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