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Dirty Shirley IR


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My absolute favorite IR for Hendrix, Texas blues, edge of break-up, style play is called the Dirty Shirley.  BUT!  I'm unorganized and have absolutely no idea where or how I got possession of it.  I also don't remember what speaker it is supposed to be emulating.  Google's not helping.  Does anybody happen to know who made/distributed this IR?  I'm wanting to research it and also wanting to see if they offer other versions of it as it is one of those that is Helix friendly but not Powercab friendly.  I reeeeealy want to install this on my Powercab.  Anybody know how to convert?  Can I?

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19 hours ago, lungho said:

I did a quick search and came up with one hit.  Not sure if this is it or not.  If not, I did notice that they offer a Helix variant of this IR, which should be compatible with PowerCab.


Thanks.  I've since found the Bonkers site myself and also a version made by 3Sigma Audio that I couldn't find before.  Bought the Sigma pac and it's very good but not the same.  Going to try Bonkers next I guess - or see if I can find some sort ofconversion software.  The actual IR name shows up on Helix as "Dirty Shirley TM"

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Dirty Shirley sounds like a cannabis strain name....i like it.     but, isn't dirty shirley associated with Friedman amps?


Single Channel - 40 Watts - Handwired;

Dave Friedman’s Dirty Shirley open-back 1×12” combo was designed for guitarists that want a Vintage Classic Rock tone inspired by British tube amps from the 60’s and 70’s.

It is based on a modified JTM 45 but still delivers the signature high gain tone for which Friedman is best known. The Dirty Shirley is a 40-watt, 5881 powered, single channel amp that will give you that vintage crunch and also clean up nicely by merely backing off the guitar’s volume knob. Extremely versatile, it is capable of producing many styles of music from blues to rock and country by just adjusting the gain and master controls.

This handcrafted in the USA combo utilizes tongue and groove Baltic Birch construction and houses a 16 ohm, 12” Celestion G12M Creamback speaker that deliver the bass, mid response and signature sound you would expect from a Friedman amplifier.

The Dirty Shirley 1×12 combo was designed to take pedal and loves boosts, OD’s, phasers, flangers, tremolos and wahs, while the brand new ultra-transparent series effects loop handles your time-based effects pedals and rack units. The Dirty Shirley from Friedman Amplification, a real screamer that fits in your backseat!

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