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Presets All Gone!


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HI -


restarted helix tonite (had used in AM with no problems) - I had it connected via usb to iMac with mojave... when i started back up, no presets in helix for my user 3,4,5, which is where all my current presets are (were)... factory ones are there and some really old ones in User 1 and 2.  HX edit says failed to initialize...


have already restarted once, but they didn't come back....  I can load backup I guess, but haven't backed up in a couple of weeks and had made a bunch of presets i really loved.... Never had anything like this happen before and didn't think I needed to back up that often... lesson learned, I guess

If anyone has any ideas on how to revive the missing ones, please LMK!

Thank you!

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14 hours ago, scottwilliams said:

PPS - when i try to load my backup, I also still get the HX edit message saying failed to initialize error -8201.  may have to try full factory reset... 


That would be a drag. You probably already are aware of this but make sure your not plugged into a USB hub and try a different computer. Maybe even a PC. Just to try everything before you reset. Good Luck.

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Hi - thanks for helping.....   I did try restarting while not connected to USB, but didn't help.  Wound up doing a reset and was able to load a backup.  I guess with computers there's always the risk of something like this and I prob. should have been better prepared.     Normally, it's ok to power up/power down while connected to computer via USB?   I'm guessing this was caused somehow by cutting power to the unit while it was connected to computer (Although Ive done that hundreds of times before)... or maybe just a weird fluke... curious to see what tech support says when they get back.

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