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JTV-89 and Steinberger Tuners

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Thinking about upgrading my JTV-89 (Korean, not the Floyd model) tuners to Steinberger locking tuners.


Also, anybody have the diameter of the tuner holes on a JTV-89 Korean ? I'm having a rough time finding specs on these 'sealed tuners'.

Thanks all!

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Good to know. I'm hesitating on the Steinberger tuners, due to the radical differences between them and regular locking tuners. I'm assuming the JTV-89 has a 10mm tuning peg hole.


Let me know what model Grover you went with.

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Nice to see Steinberger gearless available through StewMac again.  For past couple years they were getting hard to find.  


Perfect replacement for huge heavy easily broken banjo tuners on Gibson Firebird.  Really liked the Steinberger gearless and planned to use them on other guitars but the supply dried up for a while.  It's really neat how they pull the string down into the mechanism using a fine threaded system.


I can’t comment upgrading tuners on JTV-89 but my recent choices for JTV-59 and 1st gen 6x6 have been HipShot locking tuners.  With the option of UMP (universal mounting plate) Hipshot's super easy to install and work like a champ.  


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