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cable question


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Greetings gents,

Say, I just purchased or preordered a new POD GO and I am stoked.   Currently I run my A/E Guitar from my custom pedal board  XLR direct to snake to FOH. I have in ear monitors so  so no need for an amp and this works great.  I am wanting to start incorporating my electric back into certain songs on the set list.  What is the best way to connect the new Pod Go to the FOH of large venues.  Most of the sound dudes at large venues have lots of cables to connect with but I would like to have my own just in case and also connect to my Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro when rehearsing..... the FAQ says  use 1/4 inch TRS to XLR Male.     Can anybody point me in the right direction of a quality of cable that sounds great and will work well connecting the Pod Go to the FOH?  thank you so much.  As you can see I am not a technical one. 

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Both TRS and XLR are balanced so theoretical quality is the same as far as I know.  I believe the reasons of using TRS to XLR cable is because Pod Go only has a TRS output, and most snakes are XLR.  Theoretically if the stage had a DI box you could connect with a normal TRS-TRS cable and the quality would be the same as a TRS-XLR or XLR-XLR cable.

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