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Helix ASIO Drivers


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Hi all,


After a couple months of using VSTs I plugged my Helix Floor into my computer via USB to do some recording. I couldn't get Reaper to recognize the Helix as an audio device, which has never happened before. I went through and updated my Helix to the latest firmware, as well as updating Helix Edit software, the Line 6 Updater and reinstalling the Line 6 Windows 10 drivers a few times. Still nothing. The Helix is passing computer audio as normal, like Spotify and YouTube videos and I've tried a couple different USB cables but it's not communicating with Reaper. 


Has this been happening to anyone recently?

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If you installed HX Edit 2.9 (or 2.91) with all options, then you should have everything you need. Assuming that you also updated the FW to the same version as HX Edit (using HX Edit and NOT the L6 updater) and have since re-booted both the computer and Helix, you shouldn't be having a problem. 


You may ( if all of the above = TRUE) need to uninstall and re-install HX Edit with all options.


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