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  1. You are an absolute treat. Worked in an instant. Blessings upon thy homeland and kin!
  2. I know this has come up before but nothing I've tried has worked thus far. Just opened a support ticket with Line 6 but I figured I'd ask around in any case. I've got an Window 7 PC and my Helix Floor is on 2.10. A while ago, my Helix editor stopped reading my Helix via USB. I didn't think much of it at the time but I've got studio time booked in a month and a tour right after so I NEED my stuff up and running ASAP. Message says "Helix Device not connected" and that's it. My Line 6 updater doesn't recognise it either. My computer makes a sound when I disconnect and reconnect the Helix, so I know that SOMETHING is happening. I've tried every USB port on my computer plus a hub and two different USB cables. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Helix software/updater. Any thoughts?
  3. Aw man. I wish I'd known about this... ended up ordering that goofy backpack gig bag on the weekend because I had trouble finding anything that was a decent size!
  4. I'm currently using an ART SLA-1 in bridged mono to power my Helix into my 2x12. I like the sound quite a bit but I I'm thinking about moving to an SLA-2 for some extra headroom, especially if I make the jump to a 4x12 for live as well. Time will tell, but Helix sounds great at this point!
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