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  1. THAT'S what I missed. Didn't realize I was missing this too. Problem solved, thanks so much!
  2. Hi all, After a couple months of using VSTs I plugged my Helix Floor into my computer via USB to do some recording. I couldn't get Reaper to recognize the Helix as an audio device, which has never happened before. I went through and updated my Helix to the latest firmware, as well as updating Helix Edit software, the Line 6 Updater and reinstalling the Line 6 Windows 10 drivers a few times. Still nothing. The Helix is passing computer audio as normal, like Spotify and YouTube videos and I've tried a couple different USB cables but it's not communicating with Reaper. Has this been happening to anyone recently?
  3. You are an absolute treat. Worked in an instant. Blessings upon thy homeland and kin!
  4. I know this has come up before but nothing I've tried has worked thus far. Just opened a support ticket with Line 6 but I figured I'd ask around in any case. I've got an Window 7 PC and my Helix Floor is on 2.10. A while ago, my Helix editor stopped reading my Helix via USB. I didn't think much of it at the time but I've got studio time booked in a month and a tour right after so I NEED my stuff up and running ASAP. Message says "Helix Device not connected" and that's it. My Line 6 updater doesn't recognise it either. My computer makes a sound when I disconnect and reconnect the Helix, so I know that SOMETHING is happening. I've tried every USB port on my computer plus a hub and two different USB cables. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Helix software/updater. Any thoughts?
  5. Aw man. I wish I'd known about this... ended up ordering that goofy backpack gig bag on the weekend because I had trouble finding anything that was a decent size!
  6. I'm currently using an ART SLA-1 in bridged mono to power my Helix into my 2x12. I like the sound quite a bit but I I'm thinking about moving to an SLA-2 for some extra headroom, especially if I make the jump to a 4x12 for live as well. Time will tell, but Helix sounds great at this point!
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