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Presets don't the sound same in snapshots


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I'm trying to incorporate two clean presets I made into snapshots but they sound different in the snapshots.


The clean 2 sounds almost the same but the clean 1 sounds a lot different.


I had to make the paths as shown to compensate for DSP limits.


How I can implement these two clean sounds into snapshots and have them sound the same as individual presets?













Clean1.mp3 Clean1b.mp3 Clean2.mp3 Clean2b.mp3

Clean 1.hlx Clean 1b 2b.hlx Clean 2.hlx

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  • Schivosa changed the title to Presets don't the sound same in snapshots

Those DL'd as Monuments, ATCAT and Tesseract, so I'm not sure which is which in your sound samples, and since you're using IRs (in ATCAT) that I probably don't have, they'll sound a bit different anyway. I have a 3Sigma ACE DZ 212 in that position, so I left it on that. Nice sounding presets BTW.


I played them through my Powercab on the FRFR setting. All the unnamed snapshots in Monuments and Tesseract sound the same. All the named Snapshots in ATCAT sound different, as expected.


Maybe I'm missing your point? Which of your sound samples are which presets?


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I'm trying to get the single individual presets (Monuments and Tesseract) to sound the same in the snapshots (ATCAT).


Monuments preset -> MonumClean snapshot


Tesseract -> Tess Clean Snapshot


Monolith and Tesseract presets use just DI, no amp or cab. So, when I switch to them in the snapshots I disable the amp and IR blocks and use the same ones from the individual presets.


Am I explaining it better now?


Can't take full credit for the presets. I downloaded them from customtone and modified them.

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I compared settings between the active blocks in the Monument Clean Preset and the related Snapshot in ATCAT.

The settings of the Pitch Wham are different.


Likewise for Tesseract, the settings on the Particle Verb are different. There may be other differences, those are the ones I found right away. You need to go in and compare the settings block by block.

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Another thing to look at is the Path 2A/2B Split. The signal is running equally through 2B AND directly past 2B to the output.

At the split, pan both A and B hard right and at the mixer take Path A down to -60db to eliminate that bypass.


As for Native, it's a resource hungry VST. If you haven't already, optimize your system per the following:


Disable wireless adapter!!!

Power settings on HIGH PERFORMANCE. Turn off all sleep settings. 
Turn off Windows sounds and special effects.
Disable any unnecessary audio drivers in Sound Panel.

FROM CONTROL PANEL (NOT Settings), open SYSTEM, Advanced System Settings, Advanced Tab, Performance, Settings:
Visual Effects= Adjust for best performance
Performance Options Advanced Tab – Adjust for best performance of = Background Services

Helix Sample Rate matched to DAW. Buffers 128-256 works for most machines.








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10 hours ago, rd2rk said:

Helix Sample Rate matched to DAW. Buffers


That's only relevant in case you go to your DAW per SPDIF



128-256 works for most machines.


Quite high numbers in my book. I can run HXN fine with 32 samples on a 10 year old computer (not a Windows machine, though).

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