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Failed to connect to DSP engine 8201


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I use Helix Native in Reaper DAW.

Every time I start Reaper with a project where Native i plugin I get the message "Failed to connect to DSP engine (Device has not been initialized properly. code -8201)


Then I have to deauthorize the computer an log in again and authorize the PC.

Restart Reaper and then it works.


Any help?????


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15 hours ago, kim666mikkelsen said:

Any help?????

Hi, kim666mikkelsen,


Good to know that you made it work for you - let’s hope that others try this and get their copy of Helix Native working properly.


Thank you for supplying the information.

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10 hours ago, gregb41 said:

I am having the same problem on Windows 10, using Cubase 10.5.  Helix Native  - 

"Failed to connect to DSP engine (Device has not been initialized properly. code -8201)


Hi Greg, (and anyone else with this problem)


After checking previous posts it appears this particular error was initially reported way back in early 2018 with v1.5 Native - it looks like nobody ever bothered to report back here with the solution. 

I will echo the advice given by “soundog” in that old thread - Raise a ticket with support”. Oh... and it would be good if you could please keep others informed as to any resolution offered.



Hope this helps/makes sense.






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Additional info
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NOTE TO ALL - Not sure if this is connected to the issue in Helix Native, but...

This same error code is also known to occur on Helix hardware devices and the general opinion is that this seems to happen because of a “corrupt” preset which refuses to load. On hardware versions simply rebuilding the presets when “powering on” the unit might fix the “glitch”. Many people have complained about the amount of time it takes to run through the “rebuilding” presets after a firmware update, but it is a necessary task to make things work as they should. This was even more essential when the main “Core” of the Helix OS was changed in the v2.80 firmware. After that update, people also noted that if they loaded an older preset, or sometimes one from CustomTone, then the “rebuilding presets” routine would run again on the next power up. This is obviously needed to bring all the loaded presets in line with the latest firmware.

Helix Native doesn’t mention anything about “rebuilding presets”, which is rather odd as it is the same engine as the hardware, but all I can say is - “I hope you read and followed all the release notes with the 2.80 firmware regarding Native backup and restore”.





Note: the latest version Helix Native 1.93 (released 9th July) is available to download.

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8 hours ago, supertonic_jack said:

I can confirm I had the same problem with many reaper projects on my win 10 (both win and reaper on newest version of course). 



You say that you “had” the same problem.


If so, does that mean you now no longer have this issue, and for the benefit of others - how did you resolve it?


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I get this error everytime the big Windows system updates come around eg. 21H1>21H2.


It's a PITA, but the de-authorising and re-authorising sorts it out (via L6 Auth Manager), but you have to go and log in to the site, as well and remove the previous Windows instance, IIRC.


Next time, I must try and remember to de-authorise BEFORE I do the update, to see if that removes the necessity to faff around on the website?


If so, then it becomes a 'nothing problem'.


I have a couple of other plugins that behave similarly, and if I don't keep on top of it, I end up running out of authorisations.

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I had this issue many months ago and using the OP's solution worked for me. After that, the issue just "went away" for a long time, and now it has randomly returned for no apparent reason. Everything was fine yesterday, and then I log back into a project today and it has mysteriously returned. It's just annoying.

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Had the same issue litterlay right now. And resolved it.

Maybe it was only my case, but for me it occured because somehow i was loged out from my account in Helix Native.
After i logged in again lastest update was applied and problem went away. Hope it will help someone acasuanly :)
(as i can see from the first screenshot in this thread - kim666mikkelsen is logged out)изображение.png

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Aha! Feroned has the solution that worked for me. Helix was giving me the -8201 error, and it had logged me out because the Line6 website was down at the exact time I tried to use it. (ie Even the Line 6 License Manager was reporting an HTTP error 500 when I tried to sign in, and visiting just gave an Apache internal configuration error).


But even when the Line 6 website came back up, Helix Native didn't automatically fix itself.


So here is what worked for me:

* Log in again to Line 6 License Manager. It's okay that Helix Native doesn't show up in the list of Add-Ons. No need to deauthorize your machine.

* Launch Reaper and run the Helix Native plugin.

* In the bottom left corner of Helix Native, you will see My Account. Click on My Account, then click Sign In on the menu that pops-up:

Helix Sign In Popup.png

* Log in to your Line 6 account

* Still didn't fix the -8201 error! But now quit Reaper, and restart Reaper, and add the Helix plugin again.

* You should find that Helix Native magically works now & logs you in straight away.

* If it doesn't, then if you've been trying to use the VST3 version, now try using the VST2 version instead. Once the VST2 version works, the VST3 version should also work again.


Wish I had that hour of my life back - glad I'm not a studio pro in the middle of a recording session - but I hope that info helps someone else!


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