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Helix Expression Pedal Problem


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Hi everyone,


I do have a Line6 Helix Floor, not LT, and I noticed that my expression pedal gets loose after using it for some swells.

I have to tighten the screw at the side again and again which is kinda annoying.

Does anyone have a solution for this or experience with it?


Thanks in advance! 


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37 minutes ago, Crugixx said:

Sorry, but your answer is not helping me. I don't think that it is me putting too much pressure on the expression pedal 


Sorry, but that was the best I could come up with. To be clearer, my experience (which is what you asked for) is that the the expression pedal on the Helix Floor is a VERY robust device, and I can't imagine ANY degree of NORMAL usage (I don't SWELL, but I WAH a lot) that would cause your problem. If it's not Led Boots (reason for the smiley :-) ), then maybe you somehow got some grit in the mechanism that caused an unusual rate of wear, or maybe you lucked out and got a defective unit? Just guessing here. Is your Helix still under warranty?

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Any possibility you are not tightening the screw enough (don't overtighten). I also have never had this issue over many years of usage. That is definitely not typical behavior for the expression pedal. If it is still under warranty, I might consider having Line 6 resolve this. Almost sounds like the nut or screw is stripped. I would contact support.

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