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Pod Hd Pro With Shurewireless And H&k Switchblade Combo - Live Play - Nice To Know

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Hey there,


Before i bought a pod hd, i literally crawled through the web to see whether someone has experience in using the pod with a wireless and/or h&k switchblade combo and control everything with an mk2 shortboard.


I didn’t find anything usefull so for anyone out there looking for this setup this is for you.


First, my signal chain goes like this:


                                                                 >> XLR-Out                 >> Mic-In POD HD Pro              

Guitar >> Wireless Shure SLX14                                                                                                                >>FX Return H&K Switchblade Combo 50 (without -10db)

                                                                 >> Unbalanced Out     >> LineL/Mono in POD HD Pro


The Wireless is at -10db

Mic-Input is at 100% (just to make the setup easier)

Bass-Reduction is active

-20db is active


For the standard patches i use mainly only one pre-amp per patch. Several amps have very...i mean very low output (e.g. the VOX AC 30 TB) i try to figure out if this is my error or by design. Any tip is appreciated.


The sound? it’s absolutely fantastic. Much more than i was hoping for. It was actually so good, that i put all my effect pedals aside and don't use a 4CM method. I didn't sell them yet, because the pod has to prove itself road-able. It’s in a SKB-Rack with short cables to the wireless, but it has to take some smashing and staking etc. so, we'll see.


For high gains i use sometimes up to 2 noise gates (threshold lower than 40% to avoid weird sounds).


The Switchblade is just set to the clean channel, with everything turned off, and the B/M/T/G are in middle position. Maybe you add a tick more presence, since this will give some more punch to the tone.


And our technician showed me a glorious trick:


If you would like to just add gain, but not volume, assign the drive to the exp. Pedal with your desired value in max. and min. then assign the output of the same distortion effect to the same exp. Pedal, but set the max.-value to e.g. 30% and the min. value to e.g. 100%. You need to twiddle a bit so you get the amount right. With that setup, you add gain and lower output and vice versa.


Hope this helped.




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