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  1. Hi, i had a similar problem. Support send me these steps which i executed exactly and this worked for me: first, please reinstall the firmware of the Amplifi using the latest version of Line 6 Updater for Mac or PC: If you are using a PC, install the latest ASIO driver as well. Connect the amp via USB to your computer and put it into update mode before updating: Boot the unit while holding Tone+Tap. Launch the updater, login and update to the latest firmware version. Line 6 Updater should recognize the Amplifi automatically. If not, try different USB ports/cables. Don't connect to a hub. Please perform a factory reset on the Amplifi afterwards: Press and hold the Master Volume knob and Tone button as you power up the amp. Now go to the bluetooth menu of your mobile device, forget the Amplifi, turn off bluetooth, delete the remote app and power cycle the mobile device. Then reinstall the app, turn on bluetooth and re-pair the devices by pressing and holding the bluetooth button on the amp until it flashes fast. Run the app and see if it works now.
  2. Ok, so far, no luck with the ARC Welder Tool for my desktop. Can't get the app to work.
  3. I know this article is not very new, but i was just looking for some workarounds. Maybe this helps: Run the App with the Desktop Android Runtime...didn't try this yet but if someone is interested, i can post back some infos after trying. cheers
  4. Thanks guys I might need to test with the cabs and with some EQ FXs. I'm not a metal guy. I play blues rock and i have several settings plain clean sounds for Fender/Clapton style. I'm aware of the differences between distortion loudness and clean loudness. I really mean "next to no output" its not or something is barely noticable.
  5. Thanks ill try that. I get the signal from a wireless with xlr cable in the pod hd. I think second is already same. The master is no option since i have to maintain a fragile output level for live gigs with 3 to 5 guitars. Ill list te amps with next to no output just in case.
  6. Hello all, I'm using my pod hd pro since quite some time and i think i have figured out most of the functions i care to use. There is however one issue, Some amps have next to no output. Even if crankt up to the max, its barely sounding at all. Especially some of the HD Vintage Pack amps are very low. I know about the difference between the PRE and Normal amps. But why is that so? What ist the most influencing part of the loudness of an amp beside the amp or the master volume? Thanks for any hints.
  7. Hy chagmaier Did you try to setup two signal-chains without an Mono FX and send Signal A to the PE60 and Signal B with FX-Loop out to the AC15? In that case, you can put all the effects for PE60 just in signal Chain A and (if any) the others i signal B. With the Mixer-Pan you control the output doesn't mix the signals, and the FX-Loop just doesn't have a return signal. To avoid noise, turn the mix down.
  8. Afaik, preamps have a very low volume Output, so you need a poweramp of any kind. The Tech was a poweramp (as it says power engine) Many People, i read, use a rocktron poweramp. I go through a tube Combo with fx-return. I heard some very good sounds with a mesa rack poweramp as well. I think pretty much everything works, as long as it sounds good to you. Cheers
  9. It sounds like you connect the HD500x (preamp) with a Cab, without Poweramp? am i right?
  10. I have the same issue, but i'm not using a dt amp, but an h&k switchblade with fx-return in. Whats best to boost the signal before it hits the amp?
  11. Hey there, Before i bought a pod hd, i literally crawled through the web to see whether someone has experience in using the pod with a wireless and/or h&k switchblade combo and control everything with an mk2 shortboard. I didn’t find anything usefull so for anyone out there looking for this setup this is for you. First, my signal chain goes like this: >> XLR-Out >> Mic-In POD HD Pro Guitar >> Wireless Shure SLX14 >>FX Return H&K Switchblade Combo 50 (without -10db) >> Unbalanced Out >> LineL/Mono in POD HD Pro The Wireless is at -10db Mic-Input is at 100% (just to make the setup easier) Bass-Reduction is active -20db is active For the standard patches i use mainly only one pre-amp per patch. Several amps have very...i mean very low output (e.g. the VOX AC 30 TB) i try to figure out if this is my error or by design. Any tip is appreciated. The sound? it’s absolutely fantastic. Much more than i was hoping for. It was actually so good, that i put all my effect pedals aside and don't use a 4CM method. I didn't sell them yet, because the pod has to prove itself road-able. It’s in a SKB-Rack with short cables to the wireless, but it has to take some smashing and staking etc. so, we'll see. For high gains i use sometimes up to 2 noise gates (threshold lower than 40% to avoid weird sounds). The Switchblade is just set to the clean channel, with everything turned off, and the B/M/T/G are in middle position. Maybe you add a tick more presence, since this will give some more punch to the tone. And our technician showed me a glorious trick: If you would like to just add gain, but not volume, assign the drive to the exp. Pedal with your desired value in max. and min. then assign the output of the same distortion effect to the same exp. Pedal, but set the max.-value to e.g. 30% and the min. value to e.g. 100%. You need to twiddle a bit so you get the amount right. With that setup, you add gain and lower output and vice versa. Hope this helped. Cheers exile
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