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Helix Native blank screen after 'authorizing'

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I get this after launching helix in my DAW. Any ideas?  :(

Fresh install of helix native. 


2017 Macbook Pro

i7, 16gb Ram 1TB hd

Catalina 10.15.6 

DAW - Cubase 10.5 Elements 64bit


I tried to add a screenshot - but the line6 forums don't work. Allow me to describe. It says "Hello Andrew" and just has the Helix Logo... 

Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 4.20.33 pm.png

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3 hours ago, rnodern said: this after launching helix in my DAW. Any ideas?  :(

Hi Andrew,

There is another thread that mentions this happening.  See link below.

I don’t recall if there was ever a solution to this, but basically you may need to contact support and raise a ticket.

Read the post to see if there is any sort of a clue, or suggestion that might get your Native to function.


Before raising a ticket, try all the usual suspects:- firewall, re-install, etc., then you can tell Support that you have tried the self-help options.


IIRC, I read where someone had this happen, but managed to launch another DAW (Reason, Garageband) and HX Native loaded up and worked as it should without having to go through the authorisation procedure again. It was as if there was a glitch while authorising, and this cleared it. If you don’t have another DAW available to test this - you can download a free copy of Reaper which might blow the bugs of the bumper. Not sure if this “trick”will work with your Cubase, as there are also lots of threads on here that are specifically to do with Cubase and Native issues. Trawl through, you will find them.


Hope this helps/makes sense


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