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DT25 + HD400???


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Couple quick questions. I’m an avid Hx Stomp user and love it but I found a killer deal on a DT25 and HD400. My question is can I pretty much set everything up using the HDEdit software if I’m using L6 link? I assume the HD takes over the preamp duties and overrides the preamps in the DT? Should I upgrade to FW2.0 on the DT? Do I need any special cables to update? Any other little nuggets of info I should have before buying it? Thanks!!

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You don't have to update the DT25 to 2.0, but it would be a good idea.  You get more built-in preamp models (only controllable via DT Edit).  Yes, you have to purchase a compatible midi USB cable.  I don't remember the specifics, but it's been talked about here a lot.  I know I had to upgrade to get my helix to work properly with the DT25.


I have an HD500x.  When I use L6L, I use either a Preamp model or sometimes a full model if it sounds better.  It does override the preamp in the DT25.   You can use HDEdit to set the topology and stuff for the DT25 and save that in a patch.


With a stomp (I don't have one) , you should be able to put the stomp in front of the  the HD400,  and select the amp model you want, and let the signal flow through the  HD400.  You might be able to setup a patch that selects and amp and control for the DT25, and then bypass the amp in the HD400.  That would take some experimentation but might yield cool results.   


And of course, you can run the output from the stomp directly into the effects return of the DT25, and use the switches on the DT25 to control the output stage.   That should sound very good.

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