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Pod Hd500 As Gr-55 Midi Foot Controller

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I hope someone in this forum knows how to use a POD HD500(X) to send a patch change to GR-55. I've looked high and low for a tutorial that shows step by step how to adjust the settings on BOTH units for this application but can not find it. I've read all about HD500 sending PC's automatically. I've read about adjusting the mapping on the GR-55. But nowhere is there a walk through much less a video on how to do it with these two units together. I've followed available instructions on both sides and still can't seem to get a GR-55 patch change from Pod foot-switch. I hope someone can help me.

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holy crap!  I thought Line 6 manuals were tough to read but that GR-55 manual is totally useless...  sorry bro I don't have a clue what the Roland guys are trying to say there...

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I've read so many posts from people who are changing presets on hd500 and seeing preset changes happen on Gr-55. I think I've tried everything but there is no response on my GR-55. I WAS successful at getting my pod exp 2 pedal to control the level of a synth tone on the GR. But no reaction to Program Changes. I just wish one of these folks who clearly are getting that to work could step me through how they do it. So frustrated.

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I hope someone in this forum knows how to use a POD HD500(X) to send a patch change to GR-55. 


From what I've read, it's possible. I am looking at adding a GR-55+GK-3 rig to my JTV+HD500 rig; found some good info in this thread:




Couple good tips, in terms of how to send the GR-55 audio into the HD500 (use the FX loop return on the HD500).



Posted 11 August 2013 - 04:37 PM

"I'm also using a JTV, an 89 in my case, with an HD500 and a GR55. I run GR's outputs into HD's loop return inputs, (so that I only take 2 channels on the mixer) and a midi cable from HD's out to GR's in, to change patches simultaneously. I can even control some parameters on the GR, like wha, voice on/off, effect on/off, and pretty much every (non-system) parameter on the GR."


Found this the forum archives:


Re: POD HD500 to midi control Roland GR55

by catalano on 2012-05-23 18:06:52

"..set up your HD500 to transmit on midi channel 1. Then set your gr to channel 2. Bring up the patch on the HD500 that you'd like to use in conjunction with a patch on the gr. Go the the controllers page in hd edit and assign one of your top row footswitches (ie. FS5) to send a midi program change message. Set the channel number to 2 and choose the appropriate patch number. Save the patch. Now when playing you can call up the HD500 patch, then step on FS5 to send the patch change message to your gr then step on FS5 again to turn off any effect you may have assigned to it. This works. I do it all the time."


This was also in the forum archives; I've been searching Google for terms like HD500 GR55, or JTV GR55 HD500, etc.


Re: HD500/DT50 + Roland GR-20 Synth???

by dreadlocks on 2011-03-27 02:11:28

"Hi, I don't have the Roland GR-20 Synth but I do have the new Roland GR-55 as well as the HD 500, so maybe there are enough similarities for my anwser to be useful.  My guitar is a variax 500 with an additional GK3 pickup attached for the GR-55. My HD500 could be regarded as my master controller, as it controls all the presets in the variax as well as take care of changing the presets in the GR-55. Cable connections: Variax cable out from guitar into Pod HD500. Midi cable out from HD 500 to Roland GR-55.

The GR sounds really awesome and I only have three problems with it. 1. You can't use it as an external soundmodule. 2. Bank change sucks. No quick way to move from say, bank 1 to bank 10.  . It is not possible (like with the HD500) to scroll to a new bank and then while playing  and then selecting the new tone just when required. 3. No extra pedal (like a sustain pedal) can be connected.  There is a control pedal but this is really uncomfortable when you're using it as a sustain pedal for say, piano sounds.  Apart from this it is really a dream machine and the tracking is absolutely amazing.

Using the HD 500 as controller solves some of the problems. In any single patch (preset) in the HD you can control up to four different presets on the Roland Synth.  FS1, FS2. FS3 and FS4 can all be assigned diffferent programme change numbers.  This means I can setup a preset called, for example, Latin Kit on the HD500.  Now using FS1 to 4 I can switch from trumpet to piano to Vibes to whatever, because pressing each footswitch selects a different instrument.  This info is of course stored in the HD500 preset."


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