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Volume issues, is there a best practices guide?


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So this PGO volume thing is somewhat annoying...   Has there ever been some official guide or best practices for setting up the PGO's different volume settings?


I'm using an external looper in the FX Loop at the end of my chain.  If the output is too loud, the pedal clips.  So to combat this, I've setup the FX Loop out to be -6dB and in to be +6dB (max), and I make sure that the rest of my chain is not so loud as to make the pedal clip.  Everything works well that way. 


One issue though with that, when using Audacity to record, it's really not very loud ...  As in, it should be much louder, I think...  There doesn't seem to be a way to increase that volume software or windows, so I'd have to do it post recording, which may or may not be the optimal way to record... 




So yeah... Any advice or best practice guide to follow?  It sucks that the FX Loop causes pedals to clip, you'd think there would be some sort of pedal level signal normalization in PGO for the FXLoop...  And because of FXLoop Send supports -60dB but the return only go up to +6dB, means you can reduce the signal by a lot, but you can't bring it back to normal volume afterwards...




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It looks to me like your FX Loop level is set extremely low. You are running a funky gain structure to have level that low in your recording. The clipping you might be hearing could be whatever you have down steam in the GO. It sorta looks like maybe you are running instrument level on a line level pedal...hard say without actually knowing what your pedals are. 

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Is there some USB output volume setting or something?  I'm thinking now that not being loud might be normal... 


Here's a shot of the first 4 presets when hitting a couple of power chords, are yours much louder?  It's not going through the FX Loop at all.  I am using a USB extension though, 4 meters total, but I think the audio signal should be digital so shouldn't make any difference...




Or could there be a driver issue?  Reading hte manual, it references "Line 6 Pod Go ASIO driver" but I don't see it in the downloads section...    In audacity I've tried both MME and Windows Direct Sound, even WASAPI, same result.  (sorry this shouldn't be underlined, when I edit it's not but when saved it becomes underlined... forum bug...)


Looper pedal is this

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