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Why there is no double mic in Pod GO?


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I can undestand the fact that there is some limitation using dual cabs like in hx stomp or helix, but every modern  MFX offers the pissibiliy of blending two mics like in real world!

I hope they add this feature in future firmware updates... nice quality tone upgrade would be! 

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3 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:

Yes, you'll have to spend a few bucks


Maybe?  Well you may have to if you are looking for a very specific thing, but there are soo many free IRs out there...  This site has quite a few mixes:


But I don't know, guess it depends on your skill level and level of how much of a sound engineering guru you are, as if you're a super pro of mixing mics and cabs, well yeah, going with the more budget and limited Go was likely not the best choice!   is still a fine choice if you just purchase an IR pack for $50 or whatever which contain all the dual cab IRs you want!  


But yeah for Go,  I really doubt we'll get dual cabs/mics in a software update!  But who knows...

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19 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:

Rather than waiting around for a feature that may never arrive, there are innumerable 3rd party IR's that blend more than one mic together. Yes, you'll have to spend a few bucks, but what you're asking for exists if you want it.


oh thanks for the tip! 

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