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HX Effects - Snapshot name in scribble strip question


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Hi All,  


Im using a HX effects as the controller for my electric rig and also now as the backbone of my acoustic rig.  I got some 3 sigma IRs loaded in and they sound awesome!


My question is:  I have a preset where basically I have a different IR loaded in each of the 4 snapshots.  In the controller window I use one of the footswitches to cycle to the next snapshot.  Is there a way to have the snapshot name appear in that scribble strip.  At the moment is just says 'SNAPSHOT^'  so I have no idea which snapshot I am on.  I'd rather not use snapshot mode if I can get away with it as I like to have the access to my preset banks.





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On 1/30/2021 at 3:57 PM, bigtim1966 said:

At the moment is just says 'SNAPSHOT^'



HX Effects Owner’s Manual- page 26.


Renaming a Snapshot.

Instead of having to remember the difference between "SNAPSHOT 1" and "SNAP- SHOT 2," it's helpful to rename your snapshots something descriptive, such as “VERSE,” “BIG SOLO,” or “D. IGLOO.”


Same Manual - page 40


Global Settings > Switches


When set to "Moment[ary]," the HX Effects device returns to Preset mode (or Stomp mode if Pg 1 > Knob 3 [Preset Mode] is set to "Moment[ary]") after select- ing a snapshot. When set to "Latch[ing]," the HX Effects unit stays in Snapshot mode until pressing + to return to Preset mode (or MODE/EDIT/EXIT to return to Stomp mode).


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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hey thanks for the input.  yeah I named the snapshots. 


What I should have mentioned a bit more specifically is the scribble strip I want to show the snapshot name on is one of my footswitches in stomp box mode (is that the correct term?)   In my preset, I have FS2 set up to increment the snapshot number.  What I'd really like is for it to tell me the current snapshot name.  The default setting shows 'snapshot^'  I just can't think of a way of having the snapshot name appear somewhere when I drop into stomp mode.

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Sorry to bump this:


So I noticed that when I hit the mode button and go to the preset select screen,  the current snapshot number is displayed along side the preset name.  This may have been there all along.


That's useful but I'd love to see the same information on the IA button I have assigned to increment the snapshot.


Is there a way to raise this with line 6 as a request for implementation?


(I also have another suggestion re the looper I'd like to raise but that might be trickier)



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