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Hi All

just wondering if I can get the vdi cable input part as mine has a blown resistor in there and won’t power up as pic. Could a electronics store fix this or is it more a specialised area. I know that full compass has these as the last pic however don’t ship over seas or is there another store who will ship overseas. 

Any help would be great and to ship overseas as I’m in New Zealand 






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- Using the VDI and the 1/4" output simultaneously?

- No, can't fix it, the circuit trace looks damaged. BTW, it's not a resistor,... good guess though.

- The jack plate assembly has a longer cable,... it's for a JTV-59. You will need one for a Variax Standard.


Check for Line 6 authorized service in your area,...


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Not to disagree, but if you find a good electronics shop that can do repairs on "surface mount" boards, it would be worth a look. Its likely the neighboring "L" components would share the same value (probably inductors). You got nothing to lose, right?

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