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Hd500 Edit Keeps Turning Amp Off?


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 I noticed recently that HD500 Edit keeps toggling the amp model off every time I do something... for instance, if I drag an effect to move it from one position to another, when I release it, there is a quiet crackle from the amp, and the amp model turns off. I can turn it back on just fine, but it'll turn it off again next time I move a pedal/effect..


I'm using HD500 with my pod 500hd while it's connected to my DT25 via line6 link, which is NOT currently connected via midi.  This problem only came up recently and I'm damned if I can think of what I might have done to cause it...


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Same thing here... It happens when I start a patch from scratch and the selected amp switches off as I move an effect. The workaround is to save the patch intermediate. Also when I had a volume pedal set to go from 70% to 100% and I switched to another patch to check the levels, when I came back the volume pedal was reset to 0%. Again saving the patch first resolved the issue.

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