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  1. How will you connect the JTV to the eleven rack ? Straight to the Eleven with a 1/4" jack from the JTV or via FX loop on the HD ? I wonder whitch sounds best... Sammy
  2. Don't know if it is TS or TRS, but I use a TS patchcable for my home made footswitch with led ( so you know when it is on or off...) Sammy
  3. Do you mean that you have the midi-in of the HD connected to the midi-out of the M5 and the other way around ? That might generate a midi-loop. Sammy
  4. In LVM it does, but in normal mode it does not, unfortunately... mmm, did you check the cable and mic input of the RME ?
  5. Do you have your DT in Standby ? Are you using LVM or not ? In normal mode the amp needs to be out of standby... Sammy
  6. yep, thats it. I also use this for sending acoustic guitar to a mixer...
  7. Also you have to set input 2 to 'same' in this case or you will have Nothing comming out of the right output. Sammy
  8. Make sure you also place the noise gate in path A. Otherwise you mix both inputs, wich might be undesirable... Can't remember if the noise gate is a mono effect... Sammy
  9. These settings are there if you want to control two or more DT25's (combo/head) and have nothing to do with the "sound" of the amp, Sammy
  10. any effect or amp block you put before the split will go to both outputs, so you need to place everything (including amp block) in path A and leave path B empty. If you then put input 2 to "same", its signal will go straight to the right 1/4" output. I hope this helps... Sammy
  11. Sorry, I was not sitting in front of the POD... so, in the L6 settings page 9, I set amp 1 to left, so only path A is going to your DT. Mixer at the very end of the chain and panned hard left & right, and make sure that there is no amp or (mono)fx before the split. Now the right 1/4" output goes to the TC guitar input, and then the most important thing I forgot to mention : I put a dummy cable in the left 1/4" output so the signal is split into left and right. This makes sense ? Sammy
  12. Yes, I use the right 1/4" out to go to the TC guitar input. I set HD input2 to 'Same'. Mixer level to Nominal. Hope it is clear... Sammy
  13. here you can see the schematic : http://www.diystompboxes.com/DIYFiles/up/EX1Foot.PDF
  14. I'm going to build one myself with a LED and potmeter to adjust the minimum setting, so you can go from say 80 to 100 in one click...
  15. I also put the mixer at the end of the chain like Martin, but I pan A hard left and B hard right. I put amp and effects in path A, and use path B for sending a clean guitar signal to my TC voice effect... In the DT settings page I choose only path A. Sammy
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