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need help storing patches/presets


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7 hours ago, chrisblackwood30 said:

Hey I just bought a new pod go everything on is up to date. But I can't seem to save patches turn off my POD go and turn it back on and have them store on my edit or pedal some help would be great thanks

Just checking...You have Pod Go v1.21 installed in Pod Go and Pod Go Edit v1.21 on your computer too?


You should be able to save a patch simply by pressing the View and Action buttons in Pod Go together, twice. In Pod Go Edit make sure you save the patch using the save preset or save preset as command in the dropdown.


If you are new to Pod Go I strongly recommend you watch the Line 6 Pod Go videos, and that you read through the Pod Go and Pod Go Edit manuals as these have a lot of useful information to help you. 

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24 minutes ago, chrisblackwood30 said:

Yes everything's updated it won't store anything when I turn it off and on.




To clarify, you are changing a patch in Pod Go but once you've made the changes, exactly what buttons are you pressing to save the changes? I'm just trying to check if this is user error or a software glitch.


Assuming you are saving correctly, it sounds like a software glitch. Suggest you reset Pod Go by holding down C and D buttons whilst switching Pod Go on. If it still doesn't let you save your patch changes after that, raise a ticket with Line 6 support and send them a copy of a backup using Pod Go Edit to see if they can replicate the problem.

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